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January 10, 2024 minutes

NEGIA 1-10-24 meeting minutes


  • New Chapter President Gavin King called the meeting to order shortly after 9am after sign in with update on annual meeting changes including our new officers

  • He reminded everyone about the website, how online payments and hats will be available soon.

  • He made the announcement that CEUs will be emailed after classes, and gave announcements about Christmas

  • Gavin King asked everyone to give ideas for raffles and Keith Nicholson asked what kind of training everyone would like.

  • Motion to raise fees to $40 for active and $100 for associates made by Keith Nicholson and a second was given by Jonah Casper

  • Jayme Ingraham asked for ideas of how to set up sponsorship for our group. 

  • Safety month brought up; Should we have gun raffles asked by Gavin King? 

  • Steve Holder nominated for DCA Task Force

  • After business, it was turned over to Mearle Wetherford with Arrow who spoke on Termite and Pest Control

  • Gavin King had closing questions and asked for a vote of raffle – motioned by Keith Nicholson and a second by James Brooker

  • James Brooker spoke about Region 8 and Boag being part of our chapter or us theirs

  • Gavin King is going to talk with Alexander Gun Shop about possibilities for gun raffle and we will decide in March

  • January 25th DCA task force to review IRC code and Steve Holder and David Turpin are participating

  • At 12:15 James Brooker gave a motion to adjourn and Nora Combs gave a second motion.

March 13, 2024 minutes

NEGIA 3-13-24 meeting minutes


  • Chapter President Gavin King called the meeting to order shortly after 9am

  • Previous Minutes were approved, and 2nd was made in meeting.

  • Approved Treasurer Report and 2nd was made in meeting.

  • Discussion on the gun raffle – Double barrel shotgun on hold and raffle tickets ready to sell  $5 for one or 5 for $20.  Only 500 tickets total, so get your tickets soon

  • Motion made to amend bylaws and merge Secretary and Treasurer as one position and 2nd was made in meeting.

  • Motion was made to Appoint Jayme Ingraham as Secretary and Treasurer

  • Discussion on the raffle for BOAG – Decision to buy unique items from local stores was made

  • Motion made to donate to up to $400 cap for BOAG Raffle 

  • Discussion on sponsorship for the chapter – please email any ideas to

  • Joe Alexander gave presentation regarding NEC

  • Adjournment to meeting made by Gavin King and Motion made by Robert Gutowski and Seconded by David Turpin

May 15, 2024 Minutes

  • Meeting was called at Eagle Owl Castle at 8:57 by Gavin King

  • We had a tour of the castle and return to city hall at 10:30

  • Metting turned over to James Brooker

  • BOAG next year is May 4th-8th of next year

  • James covered who won what award and who is now in what position

  • James Brooker is now BOAG President and others have changed roles

  • DCA still reviewing 2024 codes and just completed 2023 NEC

  • 2024 codes will go into place Jan 2026

  • Amendments too will go into place Jan 2026

  • We used $300 more or less for sponsorship donation with many extra items donated

  • $475 was brought in by that gift

  • We did two different gifts Yeti with local items and preserves and Home Goods like signs and such

  • $11,500 going into sponsorship find more or less

  • NEGIA won Chapter of the Year

  • Robert Gutowski ICC Region 8 Building Official of the Year

  • Gavin King BOAG Building Inspector of the Year

  • Should we do the voucher and do class or something else?

  • Steve Jones and Wood Association might be an option

  • Next meeting hopefully, we will have DCA and other government people coming in July

  • Please send questions in to us about changing things or questions for DCA

  • We still have hats

  • Raffle tickets still available with the drawing in September, but the gun has been paid for

  • Send pictures to of crazy pictures

  • Gavin King read over past meeting minutes and then motioned to be accepted by Robert Gutowski and seconded by Jonah Casper

  • We are going to add meeting minutes to agenda that is sent out

  • Treasurer report given $2160.45 in account Jonah Casper motioned to accept and Robert Gutowski seconded

  • ICC Region 8 in Athens in June

  • Skills USA June 25th-27th, please get with James Brooker about helping with this. 

  • Gavin King suggested we take a moment on September 11th to remember what happened

  • Lumpkin County hosting 2023 NEC code changed on June 13th 4 hour class will post on website

  • Job Posting can be placed on website under forum Job listings

  • Jonah Casper montioned to adjourn and Robert Gutowski seconded

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