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  • NEGIA started in the White County Building Department on February 12, 2008, with 28 members.

  • Ringo McCullum was the first chapter president, Tony Pierce as vice, James Brooker as secretary, and Rick Slay as treasurer.

  • James Brooker drafted and explained the first approved chapter bylaws, fees were $30, and a request for a chapter logo was sent out that same day.

  • Ringo announced the EIN# with Regions Bank in Cleveland.

  • 2009 One year later the chapter moved to the current location in Helen. On that day the chapter joined BOAG as a paid chapter.

  • June 9th, 2010, ICC recognized NEGIA as a Chapter. September 7th BOAG started its first Certification program. And the end of the year annual tradition started at Unico in December.

  • March 2011. Larry Krul became chapter president with James Brooker as the vice. Robert Gutowski joined the chapter

  • 2013 James Brooker became the president, with Keith Nicholson secretary and Wayne Paulson treasurer. Shop with a cop started by passing the hat that same year.

  • March 2015 Patrick Couch became president, with Keith Nicholson vice, Robert Gutowski secretary, Larry Krul treasurer, Phil Gruber taught the 2014 electrical code changes.

  • 2016 Vice President Keith Nicholson took over as the President after Patrick and Larry venue dispute pushed Patrick out.

  • 2018 John Estelle took over as treasurer and David Turpin as vice.

  • 2020 Robert Gutowski became the chapter president, with David West as vice, and David Turpin as secretary. Covid hit the nation, and the chapter was forced to meet out at the pavilion. Website was approved, Keith Nicholson became the chapter's first training officer. Bylaws amended. NEGIA named 2021 Chapter of the Year.

  • 2021 John Estelle as president, and Robert Gutowski as Treasurer with 44 paid members and a budget of $1,540.

  • 2022 NEGIA Chapter logo is approved. It’s been in the works since December 2010 minutes.

  • 2023 NEGIA joined up with Region 8 at its June conferences. 

  • Website is officially online mid 2023.

  • November 2023 annual meeting - new officers voted in Gavin King - Chapter President; David Turpin - Chapter Vice President; Jonah Casper - Chapter Treasurer; Jayme Ingraham Chapter Secretary but board members remained the same.

  • New logo voted on and approved.

  • Ability to pay online and fill membership online introduced in February 2024.

  • 2024 begins March with 47 paid members. 13 of which took advantage of the online services.

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